From traditional mosaïcs to modern art

Living for several years in Marrakesh (Morocco), french creator Isabelle Aubry develops a collection of extremely fine handmade tapestries which associate moroccan traditional arts and Modern Art.

Using the greatest mosaïc ornaments that decorate the Kingdom's monuments as patterns, Isabelle Aubry designs impressive geometric and calligraphic canvases, luminous, colored and rich in the memory of the ancestral works that inspired them.

The aim of producing a work coherent with her subject, the artist expresses herself through the intricate hard work of handmade tapestry, a secular medium that implies as patient work as mosaïc's and permits her Atelier to give birth to exceptional masterpieces taking up to 1000 hours' work.

A first collection named "Heritage" is conceived as a homage to moroccan architectural patrimony and to the work of maellems. The pieces Sheherazade, Genesis and Sunset are an almost photographic precision works, restituting all the richness and artfulness of the mosaïcs on the embroided canvases and revealing their surprising graphic modernity.

More audacious, the works of the "Evolution" collection propose a brand new interpretation of the arabian-moorish traditional motifs. With Lollipop, in acidulate tones, or Blue Night, in violets and purples, Isabelle Aubry spreads her wings and produces a very personal work which associates classical references with a contemporary way.

Lastly, the recent works "Sanguine" or "Roses de Tazarine" give the artist the opportunity to go ahead with her creativity. The mosaïc motifs form here a background for works of a rare elegance which mix subtil landscapes with amused references to major graphic arts.

Harmoniously mixing tradition and modernity and merging oriental and occidental influences, Isabelle Aubry's work takes place in today's Morocco from which it forms an elegant parable: firmly heading towards future, but strong and proud of its past.

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